Welcome !
Geocyc (Private) Limited warmly welcomes you to the world of eco friendly goodness. As pioneers of popularizing the recycle concept of ‘post–consumer’ paper commonly known as ‘waste paper’ in Sri Lanka we have committed ourselves to work towards creating a cleaner environment and healthy living for the future generation. Please read on and be a partner in making your free contribution towards this worthy venture.

The average paper consumption per capita in Sri Lanka is approximately 7 kilos per annum of which only a meager 2 kilos are collected for recycling based on a research carried out by us. In the Western Province alone 7% of all garbage collected is paper based amounting to a staggering 280 tons per day. Almost all commercial establishments and homes burn or dispose by dumping as garbage, waste paper which is collected.

This prompted us to think of a feasible way of making use of collected waste paper to be channeled towards beneficial purposes both environmentally and commercially. Thus the ‘paper recycling industry was born in Sri Lanka.

Recycling has since changed. It is no longer optional but a necessity. At Geocyc staying on top of the latest paper recycling trends is more than a mission; it is our competitive advantage and we are hell-bent on creating paper trail leads all over.
Secure Shredding Services
We offer you a ‘FREE’ documents shredding service which ensures security of ‘confident document disposal’ at the highest level in the process. This will also ensure that documents need not be destroyed by burning, which creates air pollution. For further details please go to OUR SERVICES
Commitment to Environment
These days conservation means business. The paper we collect from you are sold for recycling overseas, all of which previously found its way into landfill or garbage trench. This in fact is good news for all Sri Lankans.

After all, the only publicity one wants one’s business to receive regarding industrial or secure waste removal is praise for one’s efforts to reduce the use of a precious natural resource – our forests.